Why the mass media shamed a woman’s sexual experience just to attack Gwyneth Paltrow
Layla Martin

Thank you for this piece! I use a mixture of ‘traditional’ and ‘alternative’ practices for my health, but I am a known skeptic and always properly research as both sides tend to make claims not really based on evidence. It heartens me to see someone doing their actual homework and defending an accomplished woman (bit of a Shiva Rose fan) from what was basically trolling. I have never tried this, but would never dismiss something potentially beneficial without proper balanced research like this ‘expert’.

Speaking of which, what’s with the Paltrow hate? I don’t get it. She has some good ideas, some out there ideas, and some that are just silly, which could be said of many people. Yes, she happens to be good looking and rich, but I don’t think those are necessarily character flaws, and that can also be said of other celebrities who do not get the same reaction.

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