The Spiritual Way to Create a Financially Good Life: Part 1

The title may have made you do a double take. We often think that money is “bad” because it’s material, or “good” because it’s concrete and practical. In reality, it’s neither; money is just another form of energy to be used as you wish.

And we all need energy to do anything. You really want to help others in a meaningful way? Want to have your dream life? Simply want to be safe and secure? You will need some resources that fit with your vision.

Why do this instead of your average plan? For a start, you won’t be as motivated and you’re less likely to get a financial life that works for you. Secondly, though you need a concrete budget, savings, and other resources, you cannot connect to a list of numbers and technical terms and you are far less likely to understand it in terms of your life and that of others.

The first thing to do is to ask why. What do you want your life to be? Why is that? What are your values and goals? Go into great detail, get to the bottom of your wishes. And don’t do this with a keyboard and screen, but old fashioned pencil and paper. Also, no screens in the room at all. You want zero distractions for at least 20 minutes. Write anywhere from five to twenty things without censoring yourself.

Here’s mine as an example, copied word for word from my scratch up notebook:

Why do I want money?

  1. To be safe
  2. To be free
  3. To be able to help others
  4. To live by my values
  5. To prevent negative garbage
  6. To be able to create
  7. To not be limited
  8. So I can provide/take care of LOs (loved ones)
  9. So as many options as possible are open

10. So I can have a home

What are the major themes here? Freedom, safety, and honor. Write your list and check what your themes are.

The next step is figuring out what kind of financial life you need to support what you want. I’ll post a part once a week, as I make a plan myself. My best wishes go with you.