The Turning of the Ages

What has happened to the world?

All is mayhem and no wise fool to right it.

Is this chaos a curse

Or a blessing in disguise?

What strange disruption have we here?

Lies are truth and lead is gold.

All eyes clouded and bewildered

By the mist.

What tragedy transpired here?

Hate is love, deprivation generous.

Voices cry out with none to hear them

And those who hear are mute.

What karma is it we must pay?

For there’s so much unspeakable that haunts history

The present moment and the future’s birth

That none know how to right it.

Wise warriors and swift healers we must be,

To drag the blessing from the curse.

Heed not the fog of doublespeak

Turn away the cup of complacency

And urn of hatred

And instead see through the triple eye to what must be

And act from there.

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