What Kind of Leader do You Want to Be?

In my eyes, there are three types of leaders: let’s be whimsical and call them the storm-type, the river-type, and the mountain-type.

The storm-type is the kind we usually think of when we think of a leader: bombastic, loud, typically ‘male’, and generally intimidating. Their weakness is their ego and the fact that they usually rule by fear — meaning they have few true allies.

The river-type is all about emotion and personality. They attract people with their joyous enthusiasm and boundless energy. Unfortunately, their negative emotions can be just as strong and they can be as changeable and difficult to depend on as their namesake.

The mountain-type is hard to spot, since they tend to be quiet and subtle. They are also very kind and thoughtful. Their strength lies in their quietness; they can win many over with their diplomatic ways and if anyone tries to get them go against what they think is best, they will not budge (this also is their weakness).

We all have the potential to be a leader in the right situation, and we all deal with one kind of another at some point, so what are you? What’s your boss? What’s the person you admire? And if you are the leader in the room, are you the right kind for the context?