Why I Want to Be Rich

I feel crass admitting it; shallow. Like I just want a life of laziness and diamonds in some exotic bubble. I do not.

I don’t really want riches for the sake of it; while there are material goods I like everyone else would love to have, it’s not the priority.

I want to be safe, independent, generous, and well respected, and in this false meritocracy, that has a price tag. And that’s the thing with unjust systems: they have to be changed from within.

If someone, friend or stranger, came to my door, I would be able to help them in a concrete way. If a catastrophic black swan fell from the sky, I would be able to pick myself up easily. If a boss/partner/whom ever was unkind or heaven forbid a danger, I would be able to walk out the door without wondering where my next meal would come from. If I get an opportunity, I could pounce on it. And wherever I went, people would treat me well.

This is a huge issue. Your security, dignity, and freedom shouldn’t be for sale; but this has become such a part of life that we don’t even notice. It’s just accepted.

And that is why I’m for a universal basic income: at least then everyone will have enough to be safe and independent. We can’t all be rich, but we should all be treated as equal human beings.

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