It’s OK to not use Yarn
David Gilbertson

Meh yarn was there for a hot second, then npm integrated similar feature improvements / optimizations. Now the perf is more or less indistinguishable anyway (even with heavy workload within about 20 secs of each other).

Hats off to facebook devs for creating yarn and giving the folks at npm a swift boot up the arse, but it’s not really necessary anymore, more importantly on that note, somethings been bugging me about this whole thing.

npm is open source right?… why did facebook have to go off and create their own package manager instead of branching/merging changes into npm?

I mean i understand the importance of having solid foundations in a codebase and that might’ve made much of npm unusable… but seriously even if you couldn’t branch, not even a fork?

Here is the initial post for yarn, quote :

Rather than continue building infrastructure around the npm client, we decided to try looking at the problem more holistically. What if instead we attempted to build a new client that addressed the core issues we were experiencing? Sebastian McKenzie in our London office started hacking on this idea and we quickly became excited about its potential.

It seems to indicate facebook is more about their brand presence (“we [facebook] created this”) even for devs, then they are about community… Disturbing considering their roots.

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