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I thought I was in the middle of nowhere

But then I rewound to listen to my teenage self. You should probably do so too.

I was no longer in my early 20s.

I still worked 9 to 6 in a cubicle so every day I got up early at a specific time, got myself stuck in commute and spent the time with the most beautiful sunshine in an air-conditioned room with a lot of tapping sounds. I didn’t own the place I live. I didn’t have the freedom or flexibility to go anywhere anytime I wanted. My body was still not as fit as I desire. Sometimes I was not sure what my next steps should be.

In the middle of nowhere.

But then I rewound.

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My mind flew back to elementary school, when I wished I could become a teacher so I could write and draw on boards. Now I practice calligraphy and hand draw gifts.

I went back to middle school, when I spent so much time reading and vowed to become a writer one day. Now I own a blog with over 1,600 poems published.

I took myself back to high school, when I made wishes about getting a boyfriend. Now I’m so in love.

I rewound to my college time, when I wanted to become a columnist to share my views in order to help others. Now I publish articles here.

I have so much. Here and now.

The little wishes that I made along. The sweet nothings I take for granted every day. I have them. Right in my hands.

True, there are still goals that are yet accomplished. Right, I’m still trying and changing.

But that’s exactly the point.
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It’s about the progress.

About getting better and better.

Outgrowing yourself.

Moving forward.

Day by day.

There’s beauty in every stage — starting, changing, turning, twisting, achieving, failing, getting back up.
Embrace them all.

Sometimes we focus so much on the big picture and that one big goal, we’ve forgotten about the sweet nothings and the progress we’ve been making, the small steps we’ve already taken and the beautiful scenery along the way. Too often, we’ve missed out the daily little blessings.

Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

Look at the small pictures. Bits and pieces. Look closely at each and every one of them. Without them you don’t even have a big picture.

You’re not in the middle of nowhere. You’re at the top of your endeavours. All the time.

Remind yourself of what you used to wish about. Rewind to your situation some years earlier. You’ll realize how far you’ve come, and how far you’ll continue to go.


Be better.