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Slow down to do more

Take a break to walk further.

You want to be fit, toned all over. You want to eat well, whole food only every meal. You want a career leap leading to a bigger paycheck and higher satisfaction. You want a perfect relationship, nothing but Instagramable sweet moments with your S.O. You want new curtains. You want better skin. The list goes on and on.

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You want them all.

When we studied marketing, we were told that ‘If we target everybody, we target nobody’. We were told. We didn’t learn. We never realized it also applies to life — If we want to do everything, we get nothing done.

Change takes time. Changes take more.

Yes, it’s a good thing that you want to improve. But no, you can’t do them all. And when you can’t, you freak out.

We aren’t perfect. We’ll never be perfect.

We’re human. A long list of ways to perfect ourselves is too much for anyone of us to juggle.

How about taking a break, standing still for a bit to see how we can walk further?




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Start with important and easier changes. Break those changes down into small viable changes you can make once a week. In the first week, look for weight-lifting equipment that best suits you. In the second week, try following different instructions to see which one you like most. In the third week, do one set. In the fourth, two.

An ancient Chinese saying goes, ‘The more haste, the less speed’.

You want to do everything all at once. You end up with getting nothing done at all and feeling crappy.

Stop, to ponder.
Decelerate, to do more.