You are not the problem. You are the solution.

This article is not the solution. You are.

Photo by Julia Caesar on Unsplash

You woke up tired, wanting to stay in bed for longer but couldn’t.

You downed your breakfast in 10 minutes and ran for the train.

Jammed between fellow working class, you stood for an hour before arriving at your workplace.

You settled in your cubicle, trying to figure out where you were looking at dozens of emails and documents.

Your manager called you in for a short discussion.

You entered her office, mind blank.

She criticized your core skills.

You returned to your seat, injured.

You had lunch in your cubicle.

You napped for a bit.

You woke up to resume typing.

You left early for your medical appointment.

In the waiting room, everyone else was either looking at their smartphones or looking down.

The doctor handed you your report.

‘Here. Nothing to worry about. It’s a false alarm. But -’


‘But we’ll keep in touch. I’ll see you again in a couple of months.’

Mmm hmm. Nothing to worry about.

You bought some food. Takeaway.

You ate your dinner at home watching funny videos.

You took a shower.

You watched some more funny videos.

After some stretching, you lay yourself down to sleep.



You can’t end another day like this.

And no.

You are not the problem.

Work stress. Life stress. Health issues. Family problems. Trauma. Loneliness. Monotony. Worries. Self-doubt. Anxiety. Depression.

No, they don’t all fall on you.

They fall on everybody.

You are not the problem.

As long as you don’t let those things take over your mind or body.

You can sink into despondency.

You can also look for ways to help yourself.

Living in the moment. Positive thoughts. Meditation. Listening to soft music. An open mind. A healthy diet. Opening up to a close friend. Exercising. Gearing yourself up for even bigger challenges ahead. Doing something you enjoy. Getting new hobbies. Starting something new. Finding another way to see the world.

A handful of friends who would listen. An S.O. who dries your tears. Zillions of self-help books and online resources.

But it is still you. You and only you who are stuck in this well in your mind.

You are the only person who can save yourself.

Instead of bathing yourself in your own tears while counting the number of unfortunate events, you might as well spend the same amount of time planning for changes to improve your situation.

You can wrap yourself in a blanket sobbing and thinking about how miserable you are. Or you can turn that blanket into your cape and be your own saviour.

You are not the problem. You are the solution. You are the hero you have been looking for.

This article is not the solution. You are.