Imagine that- Jet Magazine (2/1988) Top 10 articles point to current events today.

Came across this February 29, 1988 Jet Magazine edition while visiting my mom last weekend.

Jet, Ebony, Life and National Geographic were a few of my favorite magazines that were always sitting on our coffee table growing up.

I started reading and became immersed in taking a walk back to the news of the day in the African America community. It was a walk of frustration, anger but also entertaining by the relevancy of current 2017 stories.

I have selected my Top 10 favorite political, sports, entertainment and civil rights article titles from February 29, 1988 to share with you:

  1. Rev. Jesse Jackson was running for POTUS. “Jackson Focuses on South Following Good Showings in Iowa, New Hampshire.” 😳
  2. “Trump Has First Bid on Tyson-Spinks (Michael) Fight.” 🤡
  3. Journal Recalls Black Judge (US District Judge Damon Jerome Keith) Nixes Nixon’s Wiretap Order.” 🤔
  4. “DC Cops swap Revolvers for Semiautomatic Pistols.” 👮🏿
  5. “Marine Involved in Moscow Spy Caper gets Discharge” 🕵️
  6. “Study Reveals Hate Crime Epidemic; (John) Conyers (D Representative -Mich) Backs New Law to Track Violence.” 👳🏾
  7. “Not Enough Minority Role Models in Schools” 👨🏿‍🏫
  8. “EEOC’s (Clarence) Thomas Raps House (Congress) on Its Poor EEO Status.” 👨🏿‍⚖️
  9. “Morris Brown College (HBCU) is Enjoying Dramatic Growth.” 👨🏾‍🎓
  10. “Bill Cosby Calls For a Closer Look at Violence After New York Rape Case.” 💊😴🤔

Ironic right? I am looking forward to collecting more like publications to read and share.


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