The Iron Yard…First Week

Today at The Iron Yard was a good day. I began the day with no real idea what was going on with the previous nights homework, to leaving with a much better understanding of JavaScript.

So far, this twelve-week, intensive code school has been a rollercoaster of emotions. It seems that every other day I am learning something completely new that challenges everything I’ve learned previously. This causes my emotions to run the gamut from elated that I’ve figured something out to stressed, sure that I know nothing.

One of my peers is doing great with JavaScript and seems to understand everything that’s thrown at him. He is amazing! Like all of my cohort, he is always ready and willing to help in anyway he can. He is also who I had hoped to be during code school. I am an extremely hard worker and I thought that if I just worked hard I would excel like I have in every other educational setting I’ve been in. But code school challenges everything you know and thought you knew. It is the single most difficult learning environment that I have ever been in. Grad school was a piece of cake compared to this.

Something the instructors tell me is that I can’t compare myself to others. This has led me to compare where I am today to where I was yesterday. According to this measure, today was a great day!

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