Wait, i can’t do it all by myself?

Sure, you can always do that or at least try it. But the chances of being successful aren’t the biggest.

So what am I trying to tell you today? I want to share my thoughts about what we learned and discussed last week about what or who you really need in your startup team.

As famous musician and internet celebrity DJ Khaled would ask, what are the keys to success in your startup team?

In the approach we mainly discussed and i very much agree with, there are three types of persons or personalities you need in a startup. The hacker, the hipster and the hustler. They don’t always need to be three persons. Someone could for example embody the hacker and the hipster at the same time. One could theoretically also be all three, but yeah.. I kind of already answered this question in the title… ;) Because in my opinion it is already hard to cover two parts of this trinity. In my understanding the categories do not only represent that persons self-understanding or appearance, it also displays what is necessary as a basis of skills and tasks one person can fulfill.

While not every startup is a tech one (i know, hard to believe nowadays…) a hacker does not always have to be the guy who sits at the computer for 24 hours a day. But no matter what business you’re running, he is the guy in the back. He is responsible to create the product, improve and keep it going. Whether this means writing the code or analyzing and perfecting a non-technical idea.

The hipster might seem the least important one at first sight. At least that was what i thought. But after taking a second look and thinking about how todays biggest companies became successful and why i personally like them, it was obvious. They were hip. Or they made me feel like they’re hip. And that was what finally made them successful. Sure Jordan sneakers might have state of the art materials and support, but to be honest why do you wear them? They look awesome and you love the feeling of walking through the streets with some eye-catching sneakers. People just want “to be like Mike”. Obviously MJ wasn’t really the hipster in a start-up, but if you believe that he had some influence in the design, combined with the way he was able to hype the shoes up and consider Jordan brand a new business idea back in the late 80s you get what i mean.

The hustler is easier to explain. Because he just does what his name tells you. He hustles, he gives it all for the company. He is the one doing the deals, trying to push sales and in most of the cases is the leader of a team.

Later last week we discussed the business model canvas. I was personally very excited for that. Why? Example again.. But hopefully not so weird.

So my business idea back in Germany is an adventure mini golf park. They are on the come up and people love it. But as i stepped into the bank i wanted a credit from for the first time and talked some time with the guys about all the stuff, they told me that they want to see a business plan. Going home i was like, yeah! sure! i can do this! no i can’t! i have no idea!

I mean i had some numbers, calculations, research and so on. But i didn’t know what they wanted from me. Do they want a 20 page paper describing every single detail? Do they want some calculations? To be honest, bankers should be a bit more cooperative and helpful but probably the young guy who was responsible for me had no idea himself. So I typed an eight page paper (if i remember it right) about how awesome my golf park will be and how everything will work out. But I don’t know, still today I’m not satisfied with it somehow. As the process will go on when i get back home in a few months I am looking for more effective ways to display my business. I’m still not sure about if I like the canvas as a plan to present, but i definitely like it as an approach to summarize the most important components for success for yourself, compared to a traditional plan. As the things are summarized so well, i also like that you got the most important factors next to each other and can visualize how things depend from or affect each other.

That should be it for today! Remember the keys and don’t do it all alone!

See you next week

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