I’ll shorten this up and get to the point. This note is to and about, staff at Medium. This is my busiest time of year and so I’ve only been able to read a few things written that come to my inbox as “staff recommended.” Not giving it much thought till yesterday when a hate filled story about perceived hate crossed my email. Then I looked further to see much more recommendations from staff with more of the same type of HATE SPEECH “protesting,” perceived hate. Forums for writing should be left to the writer’s to create and disseminate and for the most part a few are. Medium however, doesn’t appear to be one of those. The unmitigated hate being expressed by a lot of people over this election cycle and one of it’s participants is the worst I have ever seen in over half a hundred years. Violence even, pure hate, people assaulted, battered, police being battered, property destroyed, and these mongrels are far too ignorant to realize using these barbaric methods of protesting makes them unworthy of setting foot on American soil. Protesting is a right of free speech, violence of any kind and certainly that which these Trump haters are using is worthy of deportation and or incarceration for LIFE. White, black, hispanic, asian, makes ZERO difference, all anarchy and it’s participants should be exposed and removed from this country in the most uncomfortable manner possible as a message to others. Protest all you want, but DO NOT step on anyone elses’ right to express their preferences. It’s the way it is here until anarchists step in and physically hurt people and property. To see the staff here at Medium support this kind of thing by recommending stories specifically written to express hate against Trump or it could be any other thing or person, disgusts me and I won’t be a part of it. Violence to protest violence, hate to protest hate, is the work of the small minded who are wrecking this country and bringing it to it’s knees. Unfortunately this is all going to come to an end at some point when middle America has had enough and it ain’t gonna be pretty but when it happens, you’ll likely read about it, see it, and ask yourself, why did we allow it to get to this point. Don’t be a website, a mouthpiece, or a story teller that contributed to where this is going. For now, my protest was to write this, and to unsubscribe my membership to Medium. Hurts no one, violates no one’s rights, and makes me able to continue to claim membership in the human race I grew up in. So long.

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