A Change in Perception

I have to blog? BLOG?! Oh man… the last time someone has seen my writing I was in grade 12 English class and I had to make my little sister proofread everything for me, multiple times. Even then, she’d shake her head at me as if I didn’t already know how bad it was. But as I sit here, with all these spelling errors, unable to express my thoughts… I’m beginning to reminisce the journey it took to get here from an aspiring Architectural Technologist to a future Front End Web Developer.

Back in 2015, I graduated as an Architectural Technologist with Honours, and I got a job through placement. It was a great moment in my life and at the time, it felt as if everything was going on the right track.

But as I continued to work for the company, I began to feel out of place.

To be specific — I felt confident in my 3D modelling skills, but I didn’t realize how much my social skills would be tested. I didn’t expect to feel as anxious as I did when talking to my superiors because I was afraid to say the wrong things. So, I began to lose a lot of my confidence in myself and this path… I was ultimately losing my vision.

As two years slowly passed, I couldn’t handle the anxiety anymore, and I decided to quit.

This led to a couple months of feeling stagnant, but I knew I had to change; I knew that I needed to be more vocal, social, and more assertive. So, I put myself out there and I took on multiple jobs in Retail, Collections, Moving Companies, and Airport Security.

These experiences helped me build confidence in myself, in my interactions with people, and I grew in more ways than I had expected. I realized I was in my head all this time, and I’m ready to challenge myself now. I’ve stopped being so hard on myself and allowed myself to enjoy the journey.

So, Juno College has become the next big step for me, where I’ll be able to express my creativity, while continuing to learn to express myself, and learn to work with many individuals. I can’t wait to be able to learn to build websites using my own personal style and creativity, but I’m also really excited to work with such a diverse group of people. In the end, I’m glad I went through this journey in order to gain this change in perception.

Miguel Cabrera

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