Innovative or reliable machine?

Microsoft and Apple have just launched their pro-line notebook: Surface Book and the new MacBook Pro in October. Many people are suggesting that Apple made a very disappointing announcement while Microsoft’s event was pretty exciting, with its first all-in-one PC: Surface Studio announced.

Things have changed; following the death of headphone jack of iPhone 7, Apple once again killed: function keys, MagSafe port, old USB port and even the SD card slot. On the other side, Microsoft keeps everything we used to have and improve the products from time to time, such as, better battery life, better Windows update, entry level 3D creation, better gaming experience and more.

It has come to a point that should we choose an innovative or reliable machine.

Apple MacBook has been my primary choice at work, I don’t care about any gimmick or other interesting features (tbh I’m not a huge fan of Touch Bar, maybe not yet), what I only need is a reliable machine, long battery life, durable, fast, and useful trackpad. App? Well, my daily routine with my notebook relies on several productivity apps: Chrome, stock Calendar, Notes, Polymail, Todoist, Telegram and Adobe apps only.

I’d love to give Surface product a shot if I’m getting reliable hardware instead of overrated features, especially battery life. I’d prefer better experience instead of incredible spec sheet. Let’s see the reviews from major tech blogs and website.

And there’s one more thing, I need a SD card slot.