Just Answer the Question, Sir.

We must demand more from the people who serve us.

When interviewed by CNN today, Mike Pence went to ridiculous lengths to avoid answering questions regarding his knowledge of the Security Clearance request for Michael Flynn, Jr.

But I don’t care about the Flynn Jr issue at all right now. That’s not why this interview is important to me.

This kind of thing is just insulting — and every politician does it, not just Pence. He doesn’t even come close to answering a basic question from a reporter. Jump to 1:00 for a prime example of how ridiculous this gets.

If you’re just going to dodge the question, then don’t do the interview. You only end up looking as foolish as you must think the American people are.

What’s worse is that this will continue as long as we will allow it. How will you say that enough is enough?