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Nobody knows what the fuck they’re doing

Max Stoiber
Apr 17, 2016 · 1 min read

In January, a new developer asked us to judge his qualifications and if he should apply for a job in the Reactiflux #jobs channel. This was my response, slightly edited for content and the format.

Send out applications to every company that looks interesting, doesn’t matter if you think you’re qualified or not!

If you’ve built a side project with React.js and know your way around JavaScript in general, you’re at least as qualified as 90% of all other devs out there. I’ll tell you a secret:

That’s just the nature of front-end development, it moves so fast that one day you’re on top of everything, the next day you’re years of learning behind. Don’t worry about it, pretend you know your shit and get on with it.

You might not be the next Dan Abramov, Michael Jackson or Ryan Florence, but guess what — you don’t need to be to build web applications for a living. Build things your way, if they work, perfect, if not, throw them away and start again, not making the same mistakes as last time.

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