Using restroom etiquette as an excuse to talk combinatorics.

One stick figure peeing at a urinal right next to another stick figure. One says, “Hi friend!” The other says, “…”
Poor right guy.


Let’s say that a standing arrangement of some people at some urinals is well-spaced if no two people are standing next to each other. Let S(n) be the set of possible well-spaced arrangements at n urinals, and let S(n, k) be the subset of S(n) of arrangements with exactly k

My quest to fold a shape with no folding instructions.

A neat mathematical idea I found while doodling.


No mathematical idea comes out of thin air (though some textbooks¹ certainly make stuff seem this way). The inspiration for my idea comes from one day back in high…

Thoughts from my first week at Worcester College, University of Oxford.

Which is why they’re actually kind of cool.

Fibonacci generating function
Isn’t this great? Like, who would’ve expected this??

Matthew Yuan

“Every being cries out silently to be read differently.” Simone Weil

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