For clarity.
Wendy Lev

so what, WL?

lock us up for our own good? Is that what you espouse?

How about the ones who’s lives are improved by orders of magnitude after transitioning? My life, for instance, got better and better, and now I’m at the top of my field in law.

And there are a great many of us out there.

Hard to argue with those stats.

Andrea Chu’s article is going to be used against the trans community for quite a while, I’m sure. Already the religious nuts are pouncing on it and using it to say: “see, I told you… God hates fags and trans”. If they only knew what their God has in store for those who slight and hurt his creations… oh boy!

So sorry, I’m calling it… “BS”

Keep trying though, I’m sure someone will figure us “borderline, self-destructive sadomasochists” out eventually, but in the meantime… I’m off to the opera with my boyfriend