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Working with entrepreneurs around the worlds, we see that they sometimes limit themselves. They say things like:
• It’s never been done this way
• I’d never reach that goal
• No one would buy this

Unfortunately, we’ve also seen coaches and mentors staining the future for entrepreneurs with their rear-view mirror experience.

You want to learn from the past, not limit the future because of the past.

When you have an opportunity to learn and a new way of doing something — even if its been tried before — bear in mind that the market might have changed, your attitude or staff might have changed, the needs and wants of your customers might have changed. …

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Image from Unsplash by Headway

We have mentioned in several blogs that leaders don’t always have to be front and center.

Many great religious, business, and state leaders have led from behind. Some of the most famous leaders were guided by powerful people surrounding them, without anyone knowing.

The power of leading from behind can be challenging.

Consider that you are given the challenge of driving a car — but you are not allowed to sit in the driver’s seat. You must sit as a passenger, tell the driver what to do or not do. …

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

We have noticed that many successful leaders around the world build large groups of follower by simplifying their message — making it so clear that anyone and everyone feels they own or are a part of that message.

One of the best examples we’ve used in our trainings is the powerful message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: “I Have a Dream!”

While this phrase is just four simple words, the message is complex. This may be why Dr. King was so successful in generating a huge following. Many leaders before him tried to garner great attention. He achieved it by simplifying the message — in stating “I Have a Dream,” he empowered millions of people to share his dream, to make that dream their own. …

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