The 6 domains of the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem: Part Five — Supports

Last week we focused on Finance. Today we’ll delve into segment #5, SUPPORTS

Incubators, accelerators, conferences, legal advice, Support groups or agencies are readily available. Learn how to leverage them. It’s not what you think you need, it’s what you can leverage.

Business planning, technical training, and knowing how to use these resources is actually a skill you will learn with time. Going to an organization that supports you learning how to write a business plan will do you well if you are ready to draft your own plan. Don’t expect them to do it for you.

Knowing when to use support and for what purposes is the key. And accepting the support can be challenging because many entrepreneurs want to break all the rules, while the support systems want to establish all the rules. There must first be a meeting of the minds.

Finding the right people within the support organization is key. At the end of the day it’s not what or who you know, it’s about who knows you doing what and connecting you to the right people or opportunities or organizations.


  • Search your local resource list — there are always more organizations than you think!
  • Network and think about helping others as you seek help or support
  • Don’t abuse the help and support offered to you



Faris Alami is Founder and CEO of International Strategic Management, Inc. (ISM). He works internationally, presenting Exploring Entrepreneurship Workshops and other entrepreneurial ecosystem — related ventures.