The Cancer Moonshot Task Force: Removing Bureaucratic Hurdles and Supporting Scientific Advances
Joe Biden (Archives)

Thats an outstanding thing to do Vice President Biden. Its a Beautiful thing to do. Compliments to you, sir. I think Big Data might be transformative, as will be a “Cancer Corps” : A sort of a “Military Reserve Corps” for carrying out the hypothesis. The progress has been incremental and slow because laboratories have an idea, submit it to a grant, and get two or three people to work on that, and then come to report on that at a meeting. From inception, to grant, to carrying out the protocol to research, your looking at 1–5 Years.

The proposal for a “Military Reserve” is basically a very dedicated group of personnel who do one thing and do it perfectly, amazing amount of resources, and are basically cranking out results far quicker than traditional means of appeal, please give me a grant so I can get these post docs to come work on it when they’re not busy playing Solitaire on the computer. Thats the uncomfortable truth of it.

It basically boils down to information and execution. The information you can use Big Data. The execution part you will need more than mere robotics. You need to harness a team, the “A Team” and it does not have a .org or .net or an .edu on that end. It has more of a .gov / .mil at the end. You will need to recruit about 200,000 dedicated workers who wear uniforms, live and breathe like military, and go to work around the clock. .edu .org has 8 hour work days, 5 days a week and some go as far as 12 hours 6 days a week. If you are looking for a Moonshot you need 24 x 7 x 365 x 200,000. You’ll have your results, pretty damned quickly.

If you rely on existing materials and methods to give you a moonshot. With all due respect to all the fine academics out there, and yourself, its not going to happen in a million years.

Kind Regards. Your a Good man. And if you run for President, there would be no debate who the next Commander in Chief will be. The position is a selfless act. But it does take its toll. Kind Regards Sir. Good luck + Gods Speed.

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