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myPerforma is the way coaches engage with athletes post-game or after competition. Its our way of developing character in our athletes year-to-year.

The analogy…

Athletes and Coaches are like Teachers and Students. The main difference is, at any given point in the semester, a student always understands where they are in a class - because of what? Their grade.

Shouldn’t then athletes (coaches and teams) have a way to always understand how they are doing in a sport? And why don’t coaches and directors have a tool that speaks for teams like a transcript or resume does for individuals.

Enter myPerforma

myPerforma was started to help athletes understand the answers to the infinite, age-old questions, “Coach, what do you think I need to work? What do I need to do to improve?” We’re impacting the game of sports by answering those questions through KPIs.

As a coach, how many times a season do you hear these questions? How many times have you heard it in your career? Do you review performance with each athlete on your team? after every game?

As a coach, how important is accountability for athletes to you? Self-awareness? Growth Mindset? Mentality? Motivation? Focus? If any of those are, then you probably value on-going performance review and communication with your athletes.

We get it. Performance is important. After all its what we are supposed to do — perform. But unfortunately, there’s not enough time in the day to review it all the time if not routinely and efficiently unless you compete at the collegiate level or the pros. myPerforma gives coaches and directors a tool to help discover athletic intelligence quality from mindset and understanding insights on how to unlock greater mental awareness, effectiveness and untapped growth of athletes.

myPerforma is a (signature) post-game review index. Use of myPerforma gives coaches a review routine that integrates into their personal coaching practice and methodology.

Teams that use myPerforma value collecting feedback from athletes immediately after games. Athletes who develop a routine habit of self evaluation post-game increase self awareness and focus. Coaches who understand the importance of mindset, understand how important training it is. myPerforma gives coaches a tool to improve review and communication.

“Perspective drives performance every day of the week. How you view what you, always affects how you do what you do.” — Inquoris “Inky” Johnson

Discover your performance character, culture and competitive identity with myPerforma’s KPI Index. Try us after your next game or competition.



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Connect | Discover | Engage (www.myperforma.com)

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