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We’re excited to introduce Oba Okojie, our ProDG of the month and the youngest programmer in the myProDG program yet, joining the program at the age of 5.

Oba had an early introduction to tech even prior to the program, getting an iPad when he was just 11 months old (which is still in use to this very day).

But how do you get a 5-year old to take part in something as cognitively engaging as programming? At myProDG, teaching curriculums are adapted to each child’s unique interests, learning patterns and pace.

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LEGO meets HTML code

In line with Oba’s interest in LEGOs, lessons on website development were taught with illustrations made using his LEGO blocks, and how they are similar to the structure of a webpage. This has kept him interested in the learning process since he finds the concepts totally relatable. …



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