Getting Started: MySoJo Platform Guide

Have an idea, but not sure how to get started? Started working on a project idea but stuck on a certain part of your business plan or figuring out your next step? MySoJo is here to help.

MySoJo is an online training platform that offers people who have an idea for a project or social enterprise with an easy-to-follow path to getting started. The platform will help you break apart your idea and get you taking action right away.

If you have an access code for the SoJo platform — congratulations! You’re all ready to get started. If you have no idea what an access code is or how to get one, send us a note so we get you set up.

Signing up

MySoJo Sign Up Page

Signing up for the platform is the first step to getting started.

All you need is your name, an email, password & an access code.

If your school or incubator has purchased a license to the platform, they will provide you with the URL to sign in with. If you would like to purchase a license, contact us at

Once you’re signed up, if you ever lose your password, you can easily do a quick password reset.

After you have signed up you will automatically be signed in to the MySoJo platform.

Goals, goals, goals

As the message from our co-founder, AJ, says, the first step once you’re on the platform is to set some goals related to your idea. You can set up to 3 goals by selecting “+ Add a new goal” and typing in the box.

You might be asking yourself, “what kind of goals should I be setting?”. This all depends on your starting point and what you’re hoping to accomplish. If you’re having trouble setting these goals, think about why you decided to use the MySoJo tool and write that down to start with. Some examples could be:

  • I want to develop a better understanding of [xx] problem in my community
  • I want to brainstorm 3 ideas for solving the problem and test them
  • I want to complete a business model canvas for my idea so I can share it with someone

Setting goals will help to keep you on track and accountable to yourself for moving your project forward.

When you have completed a goal, check it off — this will get tracked so you can know how many of your goals you have accomplished.

Pick a module, any module

Below your goals, you will see a library of modules. We have put these modules in an order, starting with “Defining the problem”, but we encourage you to select select the module that best fits your needs. You can jump in and out of modules in whatever order makes the most sense for you.

On the other hand, if you’re just getting started and you’re looking for a bit of structure, you can follow the order of the modules in a more linear way.

Taking action through MySoJo

Now you’re ready to get down to the real work.

Get started in a module by taking a look at the “Steps”. Each step has associated “tasks” that you can check off once you have completed them. You are also able to add notes to each step in order to document your work. These notes will save to your profile.

An example of a step within a module

Again, its not always necessary to complete absolutely every step. If you’ve already completed a particular task, or feel it is irrelevant to your idea at the moment, skip it. You can always come back to a step later.

Each step will also include a link. These links will sometimes send you to articles or videos, but most often they are worksheets for you to complete.

A sample link

Worksheets will help you apply concepts directly to your own idea and look something like this:

They are hosted on Google Drive. In order to use the worksheet (edit, add your content), you need to go to “File” then select “Make a copy” which will add the document to your own Google Drive.

Note: If you don’t currently have a Google Drive account, here are some instructions on getting started with Google Drive.

In order to keep you’re work organized, and make it easy to share with mentors/coaches/advisors/teachers, we encourage you to include a link to your completed worksheet in the notes portion of each step.

Tip: Make sure you change your sharing settings on your completed document to “anyone with the link can comment”.

A module will be marked “Completed” not when you check off every task, but when you check off all of your goals associated with that module. This is to remind you that you should be completing those tasks that will help you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Share your progress & get feedback

If you’re working with a mentor/coach/advisor or teacher, you’ll want to keep them updated on your progress by sharing your work. The value of sharing with someone like that is the ability to get their feedback on your work.

At the top of your dashboard — and in each module — you will see a ‘My Progress’ button. Click on the ‘My Progress’ button to view your progress report. Alternatively, you can copy the link and send it to whomever you’d like to share your progress with. Your progress report will look something like this:

If you issue a progress report from a module, it will only provide the progress you’ve made within that module. If you issue a progress report from the main dashboard, it will include the progress you’ve made in all modules. Progress reports will include all of the goals you have set and accomplished as well as any writing or links you’ve included in your notes.

Technical help

If you run into any technical problems or are confused as to how something works, you can get in touch with someone on the SoJo team by clicking the green question mark icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. A chat screen will pop up where you can enter your question and get a quick response.

Final thoughts

We know how stressful it can be to take an idea and make it happen — there’s a lot to think about and the MySoJo platform is here to make the process a little less confusing. But it’s still up to you to do the work. An idea is only as successful as the effort put into it, but with a little help and guidance we believe anyone can be an entrepreneur — including you. And remember at the end of the day, the most important thing is to have fun. So have fun out there and good luck! We’re here if you need us.

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