Trump Goes Full Fascist
War Is Boring

I don’t normally comment, but I enjoy War is Boring and the take on the military viewpoint. I figured my two cents wouldn’t hurt.

As far as Clinton goes…she is the normal left-centrist, hawkish, Dem with 30 years of political baggage. She is a politician in the mold of a Merkel or Thatcher. Unliked but functionally competent.

Trump however is different (an understatement but anyway). The problem is that Trump and the Republican viewpoint are two distinct entities. The message and the messenger. While the (party) message points are (for lack of a better word) valid the messenger is simply “wearing” the message like a convenient suit. They aren’t one and the same…and having people pin their beliefs on his cult of personality seems to detract from the real issues facing those people that want and in many cases need to be heard. Hopefully, no lasting harm is done in November.

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