My goal is to state my truth, and to expose the propaganda that has become so widely accepted that…
Carl Sandburg

The whole point of the original essay is that there is a great deal of known information missing from standard, mainstream curricula. I’m addressing the fact that there is information that exists and is well-documented, but is NOT included in the average curricula (several books by authors of color as well as white authors are referenced and linked in the essay). Further, I am addressing what collective effect it has on our society when we persist in this pattern of NOT including known information.

Your opinion is that for me to suggest a connection between this absence of information and the social outcomes of racism and collective ignorance is propagandist and divisive.

Meanwhile, racism is still a problem at all levels of society (including this conversation) and mainstream textbook publishers can do better to include KNOWN information in order to create a more inclusive curriculum for American students.

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