This is (or can be) the American Spring

Bernie is correct. This is a political revolution. But it’s manifesting itself from left, right, and hopefully in increasing numbers leading to November, from the true silent majority…the middle.

While we’ve marveled in recent years at the breakthroughs in the new world order and democratization of media to incite and inspire change in otherwise closed societies, we’ve taken for granted the both positive and negative powers of our collective freedom of speech. We are witnessing the manifestation of a Do Nothing Congress, Finger Pointing, Politics as Usual, Partisan Cable “News” Networks, and Super PACs…..coupled with “We The People” having a platform to easily voice our opinion or subscribe to those that align (or appear to) with our own….equally taken advantage of by both Republican and Democrat.

Words matter. They can inspire by opening minds to new thoughts and considerations, as well as reinforce and legitimize misaligned beliefs and convictions.

Know who you’re supporting and why. Know who you’re voting for and why. Most importantly, be sure you’re prepared to live with the full range of consequences.

That’s all we can do.