The Power of Receiving The Right Way

Giving vs. Receiving

The action of giving and receiving has a powerful impact on relationships, not only with others but with yourself as well. Think about your past experiences with giving and receiving. After some consideration, you may realize that you are better at one than the other.

  • Are you one of those people who is naturally a giver, a doer, or a caretaker?
  • How do you react to receiving compliments? Is it with ease and gratitude, or do you get the urge to deflect and minimize praise?
  • What has been your history with receiving love? Does it come with struggle and hardship?

The Importance of Giving

The next time you give, ask yourself why you are doing it and consider the true meaning behind it. Your desire to give may be the result of various impulses and emotions, such as kindness or guilt. No need to judge — just notice and see what comes up. A lot of your behavior may come from an unconscious part of yourself, resulting in default responses. The more you can become aware of your thoughts and behaviors, the more adept you become at seeing and making changes that help you evolve for the better.

  • Give from a place of love.
  • Give without expecting anything in return.

The Importance of Receiving

Receiving is necessary and important. While giving feels wonderful, it only works when there is a receiver. Allowing yourself to be a gracious receiver is a humbling experience and is truly an act of love because it offers a chance for others to give.



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Dennis Atuogu

Dennis Atuogu

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