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The threat of climate change is real, which means hospitality businesses urgently need to rethink their approach. If the possibility of saving the planet and reducing your energy costs isn’t enough incentive, improving your customer proposition and competing with competitor’s green branding might be.

At first changing your practices may seem daunting, but there’s a few measures that can be put in place to ensure your business is on track.

  1. Access your current situation

The first step to making changes is to access how sustainable your business is so you can make informed decisions and engage staff. Consider factors such as resource efficiency (electricity, gas and water) and the amount of food waste your business produces on a daily basis. …

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Businesses are starting to utilise real time energy data and understand that it can help achieve energy savings and sustainability goals. Reduction in wasted energy, cost savings and increased reliability of data are some of the many benefits businesses can expect when using it. In this article, we’ll share some of the advantages of integrating a real time energy management system, like AEMS, into your business.

Stop wasting energy

Without access to real-time data you can’t accurately manage or monitor the energy being used in your business. Having real-time reports means you can see exactly where energy is being used and when, making it easier for you to highlight areas of inefficiency and unexpected usage. The AEMS energy budget tracker allows you to see exactly how near or far you are in kWh from reaching your target. Using the system, means you will have access to clear graphs that enable you to identify peaks in daily activity and see how usage is split across business operating modes. …

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Smart meters measure how much gas or electricity you are using. Smart meters record energy usage regularly and automatically submit readings to your energy supplier. Each meter comes with an optional in-home display that allows you to see your energy usage in pounds and pence. Say goodbye to manually taking monthly meter readings and estimated bills.

Smart meters are currently being rolled out across the domestic and smaller non-domestic market over the next few years.

Do I need a smart meter to start using AEMS?

No, you do not require a smart meter to start using AEMS. The energy management system accepts consumption data gathered from both AMR devices and smart meters. Usage information provided by your supplier or meter operator can be integrated with the AEMS system. AEMS doesn’t care where your energy consumption data comes from and therefore empowers all businesses in the control and management of their energy usage. …

Energy saving fro SME’s isn’t always easy. You can’t just switch equipment off because most of the time you need it on the operate. However, changing the way in which you think about energy and getting a handle on how your business uses it — is the first step!

My AEMS takes you one step further than your energy bill, giving you the visibility of the role energy plays within your business.

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1) Set goals and objectives

Setting energy targets is a good starting point, as it allows you and your employees to work work towards a goal and share the same vision. having a target is all well and good but how can you measure this? …

Making savings on energy should be a priority for any size of retail operation, where lighting, heating, ventilation and refrigeration all add hugely to costs.

Progress can be made within businesses by adopting new energy management systems and updating to much more efficient modern equipment. By reviewing all aspects of energy usage, both cost savings and environmental benefits can be achieved.

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There are several factors to consider that can help reduce energy usage where expensive refrigeration is needed.

  • Review operating practices — Avoid overstocking as this can put pressure on equipment and temperature settings. …

Stay one step ahead with innovative solutions that support emerging energy markets and supply options.

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Are you responsible for delivering innovative products that will disrupt the energy sector? Looking to increase uptake of your smart meter roll-out?

AEMS can help energy stakeholders deliver a first-class service, by providing cutting edge products that give their customers insight and a better way to manage their energy.

  • Provide innovative products that help deliver on meter deployment obligation.
  • Reduce customer debt by identifying quickly if businesses have moved premises.
  • Improve customer acquisition and retention with new value-add energy products.
  • Reduce bill shock with customers and lower customer service. …

Helping communities to tackle climate change and achieve zero-carbon goals.

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Are you responsible for managing the council’s non-housing property estate? Looking to improve low carbon initiatives within your local authority?

AEMS is supporting communities and local authorities to achieve their low-carbon vision by engaging businesses with energy management and behaviour change.

  • Monitor energy usage across council property estate
  • Deliver on sustainability projects by raising awareness of energy management.
  • Meet green initiatives by driving behaviour change across the community.
  • Utilise AEMS data analytics to develop and inform environmental strategies.
  • Benchmark performance and efficiency across all buildings and estate.
  • Gain visibility of investment needs and strengthen local business networks. …

Easily manage your energy, go one step further than your energy bill.

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Are you responsible for energy management within your company? Bu finding it difficult to implement sustainability initiatives?

AEMS can help achieve carbon-saving goals, empowering you in the control and management of how energy is consumed.

  • Gain insight into operational processes and impact on energy spend.
  • Change behaviours to improve productivity and monitor performance.
  • Implement green initiatives, drive staff engagement, and track success.
  • Identify investment needs and track maintenance of assets.
  • Manage multiple sites easily and compare consumption across your estate.
  • Have peace of mind that your business is running smoothly. …



AI powered energy management system that is helping businesses to track, analyse, and monitor their energy

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