Is this what you meant: Once someone already made some words towards the problem and resulted…
L. B. Skriver

Having a physical disability myself this is my opinion.
Just because the reporter is disabled that means he’s a saint? That means he’s automatically innocent? The reporter could have been a complete jack ass to Trump, which I believe he was by writing a nasty article about Trump. I would be pissed too if I was Trump. Now people think they are some sort of hero for protecting the “disabled reporter” Seriously? He’s NOT mentally handicapped obviously he can defend himself… If he was he wouldn’t be a reporter… even in her speech she said “Someone who can’t defend themselves” honestly that pissed me off. just because someone is disabled doesn’t give them a free pass to be an ass and are fragile human beings. I’m sure the reporter was well aware he was stirring the political pot. literally in every situation people will defend the disabled person over the able bodied. Not all disabled people are fragile, and honestly I think the reporter is hiding behind that and taking advantage of it. Yes Trump mocking him was inappropriate but do you really think this would have been blown to this degree if the reporter was not disabled? Probably not.

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