I’m A Disabled Woman Who’s NOT Celebrating Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Speech
Emily Ladau

Hi! My name is Mya I am 17 I will be 18 this coming February. I love your article! I also have a disability. It is called Arthrogryposis which means my joints are irregularly stiff, and my hands are in a curled position.

I really enjoyed this article because recently I have been trying to explain the same things to people close to me. It bothers me that the disabled group is viewed as helpless, and weak. It’s sad how much pity we, as disabled people get.

In her speech I remember her saying something along the lines of “Someone who can't defend themselves” This rubbed me the wrong way simply because in what way can he not defend himself? He is a well established reporter, he is not in anyway mentally handicapped. If his first message about his opinions towards trump reached people then so can his defense.

Not to mention, in almost any situation people will defend and protect the disabled, even without fully understanding the situation. So this reporter could have been a complete jerk to Trump, but since he is disabled he can get away with it. I see too many people hide behind their disability and it honestly drives me crazy!

In my personal opinion I think the reporter is hiding behind their disability to a certain extent. By Meryl saying such pitiful things she actually made the situation worse. she is getting more and more people to pity the disabled. In my opinion she is selfishly using his disability to make herself a “Good citizen” or a “Hero” for mentioning his disability in her speech

As a disabled person, I can’t stand the pity. Don’t pity me because I’m different. I am just as capable as you are. I don’t need you shielding me from everything because oh “poor her she’s helpless”. I don’t think so. Not on my watch.

If the reporter was not disabled do you think this would have been blown out of proportion like it has been? most likely not. I’m not saying it’s an excuse for Trump to behave how he does, because it was just simply rude as a president to be to do to anyone regardless of a disability or not. But the disability is the part that seems to be focused on the most. It’s frustrating.

thank you for posting this article! it’s nice seeing someone who has the same views as me. many of my friends that have my same disability are bashing Trump and acting like he personally victimized them…

Again, thank you for writing this! I loved it!

  • Mya Swint
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