23 Reasons Getting Sober Will Be The Best Decision Of Your Life

Courtesy of Pixabay

With the Opioid Crisis and Drugs in general running rampant right now, I wanted to write this to whomever is currently suffering with their addiction, and to the person who IS sober but keeps contemplating using ‘ Just this one time’. STOP! I know, easier said than done! Now you’re probably wondering what the hell do I know anyways? Well, I was you once, I was an addict who would sell her very soul just to get high. Fortunately that is in the past, but still very much a part of my life today. I want to tell you that there is a better way (i’m sure you know that) and I want you to know what happens once you get sober! Hi, my name is Christina, I am an addict and here are 23 reasons why you should get and stay sober like I did.

Originally published at www.myanxiouslife.net on July 14, 2017.