Using Moon Transits To Amplify Your Manifestation Practice

When using moon magic for manifestation, it’s best to check exactly where the specific lunar phase you’re working with is occurring in your chart. This allows you to set the most powerful intention possible.

  1. Find a natal chart calculator (I like — + enter your birth data.
  2. After you’ve searched + saved your birth info, click “Free Horoscopes” in the Menu bar at the top of the page. Select “Extended Chart Selection.”
  3. Once in the “Extended Chart Selection”, change the “reference place” to your current city, or the city you will be in for a particular astrological event.
  4. Change the start date to the date of the next New or Full Moon.
  5. Look for where it says “Please select the type of chart you want”. From that drop-down menu select “natal chart + transits”. Then click the button to get the chart.
  6. On this screen notice your birth chart same as when you initially entered your info; the symbols for the planets in black on the inside of the circle show their place in your natal chart. Now you’ll also see the planetary symbols in green on the outside of the circle. These are the planets in transit, or moving around your chart.
  7. The house (i.e. numbered pie slice in the chart’s center) that the green planetary symbols “fall in” on the outer rim of the chart is the house where the transit or New/Full Moon “falls,” where it happens for you.
  8. In addition to considering the archetypal energy of the sign of the New/Full moon, take note of the house it falls in within your chart. This will allow you to set an intention that’s hyper-focused and even more cosmically charged.

Note: The chart calculator displays 0:00 UTC. If the moon or planet falls close to a line (or “cusp” between two houses) check the day of, before, and after the transit. In reference to the time of the new moon, estimate the main house it falls in for you.

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