Virgo Full Moon 22°~ March 12, 2017

7:54am PST / 10:54am EST

“Progress is impossible without change.” - George Bernard Shaw

Two weeks ago the Pisces Solar Eclipse asked us to acknowledge the outdated stories and beliefs we’ve been holding on to — particularly when it comes to self-expression, artistry and relationships. A powerful portal, the dreamy new moon gave us a glimpse into the way life could be… if only we surrender the things weighing us down.

Reflect on the heavy thoughts, emotions and feelings that have been frequenting you lately. Delve down to the root. Honor them as medicine; can you see the lessons they present?

Snuggled between Pisces and Aries new moons, Virgo Full Moon represents the proverbial pause button. It’s time to analyze, design & refine the path you’re taking. Calm your restlessness with creative exploration and play.

Embody innocent, devoted and discerning Virgo. Let wonder be your guide. In just two weeks time, we’ll be moving full steam ahead to actualize our next big vision in Aries’ warrior energy. Take this week to breathe, and begin to implement habits that will support your ultimate success. Think big.

Be warned however. The Virgo Moon, as well the planets clustering in Pisces (Sun, Chiron, Neptune and Mercury), will square Saturn in fiery Sagittarius.

Have you been failing to walk your talk? Have you been limiting yourself by nursing old wounds? Have you been hiding your truth, hoping to keep others happy? Saturn is the universe’s taskmaster, holding us accountable for our karma. If you’ve been postponing the transcendence of old patterning or environments, get ready to face the music.

Change can be painful, but life only becomes more beautiful when we commit to the process.

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