I’m 35 and I may suddenly have lost the rest of my life. I’m panicking, just a bit.
Scott Riddle

Scott, I can’t begin to imagine what must be going on in your mind right now. Apart from the seriousness of your situation and the decisions and choices you are forced with right now, the candidness with which you say “I guess I’m panicking a little”, says it all. I empathize with your feelings right now as a mother of a 4 year old and an ambitious person myself with dreams for my future. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and advice for others- you’ve put things in perspective and we need to keep reminding ourselves to focus on things that matter. I hope writing helps you feel light and you live your life to the fullest each day. I’ve read a lot about the success of Gerson’s Therapy even for aggressive stage 4 cancers- maybe something you have already looked at. Keeping you in my prayers.

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