1. Don’ waste your time: Why spend hours or days buying insurance when you can be done in 5 minutes. There are so many things competing for your time, buying insurance shouldn’t be one. You can buy your insurance while catching the latest episode of Game of Thrones or while waiting at the car wash. Heck, you can even buy it while the police officer is going through your vehicle documents (we don’t advise you do that though, it’s best to be prepared).

2. Everything is faster: As if buying insurance in record time is not cool enough, you also get instant registration with the regulatory bodies and a personal account where you can automatically renew your insurance or lodge a claim. Claims are processed twice as fast on myautogenius.com and it is absolutely stress free.

3. Get the best deal: Choosing an insurance company is like choosing a spouse, you need to know the details. Digital insurance platforms are like shrinks that give you unfiltered access into the minds of your intended spouse; their intentions, limitations, strengths and weaknesses. You basically get to see the tiny details every broker wants to hide from you. This is what www.myautogenius.com offers you; you even get free professional advice if you cannot make up your mind, simply call 0809 998 8005.

4. Your friends are buying from us: Everyday, at least 30 people buy insurance on www.myautogenius.com; this means over 150 people are covered weekly, Why not join the millennials who value time and process your insurance in 5 minutes? Do not believe that friend who says only God is his insurance; he has already paid the premium for his car.

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