How to play roulette
How to play roulette

Roulette is probably the most popular live casino game. And this preference also applies to online roulette. So, let’s have a look at this all-time classic and its several variants.

There is the so-called French or European roulette, which consists of a 37-numbers wheel. The English roulette is identical to French roulette but is played differently: there are a limited number of players, each with his/her own chip colour. Similarly, there is the American roulette, which differs from the other two by its wheel whose numbers are distributed differently. More importantly, it has an additional number: the double zero. Finally, there is the Mexican roulette, which is a replica of the American roulette, but with the addition of a triple zero.

The rules of probability for the chances of winning being the same for all three games, it is obvious that Mexican roulette is the most unfavourable roulette for the player.

To bet on roulette, you have the choice between several types: single bets or multiple bets. Depending on your choice, bets have a direct impact on the probability of winning.

First of all, there are the straight bets. These correspond to placing a bet on a single square, or a single number. For example, if you place your chips on number 12.

You can also choose a split bet or “cheval”, by placing your bet on the line between two squares and numbers.

Then there is also what is called the street or “transversale pleine”. The chips are placed on the outside line of the row to target three consecutive numbers.

Similarly, the corner or “carré” corresponds to placing a bet at the intersection of four squares of the table, so you bet on the four numbers around your chips.

The six line is like placing the chips at the intersection of two rows to cover six numbers. The bet must, therefore, be placed on the outer line and between the two rows.

There is also the column that allows you to bet on three columns of 12 numbers, so there is a 2-to-1 chance. To bet on a column, you will find boxes at the bottom of the table containing the numbers.

There is also the dozen for which chips are placed on one of the three squares on one side of the table, indicated by the number 12 followed by a letter.

Finally, we can also play by colour, red or black, but also even or odd, manque or passe (or high/low). To bet by colour, simply place your chips on the squares clearly marked in red or black.

The “even” box obviously covers even numbers, and the “odd” box corresponds to odd numbers.

Manque, or low bet, corresponds to the box 1–18 and covers numbers 1 to 18. Passe, or high bet, is marked by 19–36 which of course corresponds to betting on numbers 19 to 36. Depending on the tables, these boxes may be indicated differently. For example, on a French table, sometimes called European, these boxes may have the original French words as mentioned above. And the 0 and double 00 are not included in these bets.

Finally, we also talk about inside bets and outside bets. The inside bets include the straight, split, street and corner, which are placed in the track or table of numbers.

The outside bets are all those on the side of the table, like the dozen, odd or even, column and low/high bets, to summarize all that is excluded from the table of numbers.

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