$4 Billion Dollars for a Subway Hub? Oculus Transit Hub New York City

I can see Russia from my house!

No, I can’t. I’m lying. But I can see the brand new $4 Billion dollar OCULUS transit hub designed by Valencian Architect Santiago Calatrava.

I’ve been watching the progress of this behemoth being built, right outside my window. Today it was my turn to walk inside and take a peek.

According to Michael Kimmelman, the New York Times’ architecture critic, “The new Santiago Calatrava-designed transit center is not very practical, grossly overpriced, and poorly suited to its surroundings.

The long-delayed hub’s $4 billion price tag — up from an initial estimate of $2.2 billion — is “head-slapping” and “unconscionable.”

To read more of Kimmelman’s scathing review, click here:

Looking up at Freedom Tower through the roof.

Was it worth $4 Billion dollars or do you think the money could have gone to better use???

All Photos by Vicki Winters

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Originally published at vickiwinters.com on March 3, 2016.