Let Me Point out to you How Ridiculous the Trump Tech Meeting Was
Mark Suster

Thank you for the math lesson, Mark, which is helpful & important yet horrifying and frightening at the same time.

It is important that We The People, are completely aware that We The People are getting royally shafted by Trump and his heirs, I mean YES MEN.

We dont really believe that any of them ever disagree with him, so we?

WE THE PEOPLE, are getting screwed (what I really want to say is FUCKED IN THE ASS but I’m trying to control my disgust) by a narcissistic, megalomaniac, pathological liar who should be mandated to go under psychiatric evaluation before he is allowed to get anywhere near “the button.”

When those hideous GOLD LETTERS get hoisted up to the top of the White House, don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

Donald Trump is scary, mean, angry and he isn’t all that intelligent. He declared this week, “I’m like, smart.” Yeah, no. Not. Even. Close.

Trump is a flim flam, con man, who made a lot of money in questionably unscrupulous ways. His non-payment of taxes for 18 years is not OK. DT is a loose canon. He hasn’t read the Constitution, doesn’t know how to construct a sentence and his resting face is so full of rage and anger that I want to vomit every time I see it.

But who cares what I think.

Certainly not Donald Trump.

WE THE PEOPLE, have your number Donald Trump…..We’re not all poorly educated morons.

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