I think what I like most is that it wasn’t planned. We never had any expectation of each other or of what was about to happen. Two weeks ago I thought to myself “yea, it will be fun to have someone around and go away again” but now I’m thinking “I want to have fun and go away with him again”. He came to visit me from back home last minute. He sent me a message saying he got the time off work and was planning to come to Europe and I had previously offered my place as a home base as he was planning to move around the continent a bit. It just so happened to work out well because I haven’t worked in a few weeks and also had a lot of free time. I offered to join him if he wanted the company and he agreed that he would. He arrived a week ago today and I never thought I’d be sitting here in the bed which we had just both slept, writing about him and our adventures together. We decided last minute on where to go. Rather than choosing one place, we chose several. We opened Google maps and mapped out a possible road trip after contemplating that it would be the best way to do and see as much as we want, whenever we want.

First we drove to Venice. We walked around there for a few hours and then headed to the boarder to Slovenia. We stopped in Slovenia to have some dinner and then kept on moving towards Croatia. We stayed in Croatia overnight and ended up going to a pretty grungy bar where everyone smoked cigarettes. When we woke up we got some soup and drove to Hungary. We spent a bit of time in Hungary but ended up staying in Slovakia overnight. We spent our night in Slovakia at a bar but because we arrived so late there wasn’t much food - I remember being really hungry. We had some hummus and ham and drank Absinthe. We had a really good brunch in Slovakia the next day and then drove to Austria. We spent a lot of time in Austria. We went to the Freud Museum and Mozart’s house. Afterwards we planned to drive to Switzerland but ended up stopping in Germany due to a snow storm. I had already been to Munich but it was the closest stop. It ended up being a really funny night anyway. The next day was our last day and we made a stop in Switzerland to check out some thermal baths and eventually arrived back in Italy through Lichtenstein around 9pm. We ended up seeing 9 countries in 3 days. We were both amazed and overwhelmed with what we had just accomplished. The best part about it all was how smooth everything went and how much we worked together. We never felt annoyed with one another or had any awkward pauses or moments.

I’m not sure when it happened but it certainly did. Somewhere in one of those countries I started to get some pretty deep and real feelings for this person that I had never even considered before. We knew each other but not that well. We had only spent time with each other on two or three previous occasions before deciding to spend 2,400 km’s together. It’s really funny how things work out though. The past few months I’ve done a lot of thinking about myself and what I want in my life. I decided new years eve that I was no longer going to allow myself to fall for people who don’t deserve that injury. I said to myself that I deserve someone better, I deserve someone great but maybe in the past I wasn’t allowing myself that truly. I doubted myself and doubted my worth sometimes and thought that there is no way I could find someone who is truly that great so I might as well lower my standards. However, in this new year I decided not to give up my standards and not to lower them but this would mean that I would have to put a little more faith in people than I had previously done. I’m not one to blame other people for my past issues but after so many shitty experiences, you do start to loose hope and you do start to fear that there are few good people left in this world and maybe you will never get to meet them. But perhaps you have already met them without being aware of it.

I met him back in April 2015. We sat next together on an airplane and we started talking about aviation. He is a pilot and I was working in an aviation lab and a simulation company. I got his contact info to participate in a study that was taking place in my lab and he also gave me his phone number. I sent him a message later on saying that I had forwarded his email to my lab mate and he wrote back thanking me. I remember even then thinking how polite it was for him to be thanking me even though he was the one doing me a favour. We spoke here and there but like I said earlier it was nothing serious or constant at all. Sometimes I would message him asking him questions and sometimes he would message me saying he was in my city. He would see if I was around and we could meet but I never thought we would get along so well and understand each other the way we do now.

I admire how much of a gentleman he is. When we were away he opened every door he could for me, carried my bags whenever they needed carrying, constantly asked how I was doing or if I needed something and most admirable of all, he never once tried to sleep with me or be physical. We slept in the same bed every night but nothing ever happened. Based on my previous (failed) experiences, this was a bit confusing to me. I felt that he liked me but I couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to kiss me (besides when he left) or try to do something more. And then I realized it, he is a gentleman and people who truly fall under that category are incredibly rare and hard to come by but they do in fact exist and you may already know some of them without being aware of it.

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