What is MYBTC?

MYBTC is a cryptocurrency based on a decentralized blockchain (Binance Smart Chain) and it is supported by a smart contract which has been drawn up by our developers.

A smart contract is a special program or transaction protocol which is being stored on blockchain. This program comprises a set of terms which once they are all fulfilled the program is considered fulfilled as well. To make it short, a smart contract is an agreement which is independently fulfilled with no intermediaries needed and the only requirement is to meet the conditions which it consists of.

Example of a smart contract overview

You can check our smart contract here.

What are the smart contract’s conditions?

Our smart contract has been drafted by ones of the most proficient experts in finance, marketing, programming with the sole purpose of turning into reality a revolutionary idea — gain passive income with minimum risks.

The core functionality of our smart contract is that for each buy or sell transaction of MYBTC, 10% of such transaction is being distributed as herein described:

4% are distributed to MYBTC holders’ wallets in BTC.

4% are distributed to the Liquidity Pool — this is the stock of tokens which are being blocked on a special smart contract account. This stock is needed to ensure that there’s enough liquidity for all who want to exchange this asset and to ensure the trading activity as a whole.

2% are distributed to the MYBTC marketing wallet.

By simply buying MYBTC you become the owner of the token and each time a buy or sell transaction occurs you instantly receive the BTC reward on your wallet!

The smart contract is redistributing the BTC reward proportionally to the amount of MYBTC held in wallets, so the more you own the more you earn.

How much can I earn?

The main factor which affects your earnings is the number of transactions made in MYBTC (buy or sell), the more transactions made the more you earn.

Our crypto project started on 12th of July 2021 , and for analysis, till the 26th of July 2021 which is 2 weeks since launch, we have distributed as reward to MYBTC holders 3,3 BTC or 105000$.

Distribution of BTC to MYBTC Holders

You can check this information here.

The owner of 2318836 MYBTC has received in 2 weeks a reward of 400$.

You can check this information here.

This is an impressive result for a passive income of 400 $ in just two weeks. Take into consideration the fact that the project has recently been launched, therefore the more people will know about MYBTC, the more trading transactions will be made and as a result all MYBTC holders will earn even more since the amount of earnings grows proportionally to the amount of MYBTC transactions.

How to buy MYBTC, what is the price?

MYBTC can be bought on our website my-bitcoin.org or on the decentralized crypto exchange pancakeswap.finance.

MYBTC is free trading coin and its price depends on the supply and demand. Also, as it is a free trading coin on the exchange obviously the price is volatile. The current price of MYBTYC is found on our site.

But, the advantage of MYBTC is that you don’t have to follow the rise or fall of its price in order to sell it when it is more expensive and gain money. This is because the owners of MYBTC earn a passive income at every buy or sell transaction on the exchange. So, if you have bought MYBTC and on the next day the price is lower you have nothing to worry about since you have already earn a passive income. So again, the more price fluctuations, the more transactions, the more you earn.

If someone has bought BTC, and afterwards the price has fallen by 20%, 30% or even 50% then definitely it was a worrying moment because in the case of BTC your earnings are based on the exchange rates — if the rates go down you loose. But in the case of MYBTC the earnings are connected to the amount of transactions made with this token, so the more the price goes up or down the more you earn passive income.

That means the sleepless nights are over when you need to check the price for ten times and move the stop loss, so now you can buy MYBTC and go to sleep till the morning when you can already be satisfied by your passive income.

Oh, this is a scam!

Oh, it is definitely NOT! :) So, let’s make it clear.

The scam works like this:

So, the organizer promises to the investor that for the investments made he will receive daily/weekly/monthly % of gains and all the money invested go to the organizer. So it is the organizer who decides how to distribute the money. In this case you don’t know who else has invested or how much did the organizer collect but how is it in the case of MYBTC?

MYBTC is a public smart-contract, all the information related to it can be checked every time and it is being updated in real time.

You can check how many active MYBTC wallets there are in the network and how many MYBTC are held in each of the wallet.


Here you can check how many reward payments have been made:


Here you can check buy/sell transactions of MYBTC and the liquidity amount in the pool:


What is most important, is that we as developers of this project have the same role of participation as other MYBTC holders so we are all under the same conditions. The smart-contract is independent, no one can influence or affect it, even those who created it. After the smart contract is deployed in the network, it cannot be changed and it will work that way FOREVER!

In conclusion. The everlasting smart-contract.

After the launch of the smart-contract, the team has one target to accomplish — the marketing campaign. So, if you remember 2% of each transaction is distributed to the marketing wallet of our token. We, as developers have direct access to this wallet since it is dedicated to make the payments for the ads, bloggers, youtubers etc. In time, the volume of transactions will rise, your passive income will rise and the same it will be for our marketing budget. The MYBTC advertising on the NY Times Square is close enough to be made☺

How to buy $MYBTC?

You can buy $MYBTC on our website: www.my-bitcoin.org

🔥Also you can buy $MYBTC with a credit card, just check this video:



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MY Bitcoin

MYBTC is the next evolution of a yield-generating contract on the Binance Smart Chain, which rewards you in BTC instead of tokens.