Who am I exactly

Kendrick Velazquez
May 4, 2014 · 3 min read

I would wager that if you do not have a certain thing that is totally or fully over your head and enthusiastic about, then you are most likely not heading the type of seriously passionate and exciting life which you ought to be. Now, before I’m bombarded on all sides by those that believe themselves to be far too logical or rational to be obsessive about anything, I would like to ask this simple question. In the event that you just live your life day after day accomplishing job after job, you never have almost any reason to get you out of bed sooner than everyone else, you never have anyone you too sleep in late with and can’t find anything at all to get you energized. Then precisely what does this life mean to you? I have tonnes of personal obsessions. Mainly because of this strong desire to have it, I can’t conceal it — nor will I. it is my hope that you will have the ability to identify your hidden passion too at the conclusion of this article

Simply because of my obsession for reading, I’ve found myself with writing as a way to be in a position to re-live a number of the most unforgettable moments in life. Writing it down immortalizes these events. Writing will not simply benefit you as an person but also readers of your own works. This permits potential readers to connect along with you, understand your thinking, and learn about your views on numerous aspects. Even if your own writing lacks ideal grammar or simply sophistication or severe amazement, as long as you provide them with something to keep in mind, you will be in a position to leave a little bit of yourself. There’s a saying that says that a picture may be worth a thousand words. Nevertheless, my opinion is that well written pieces of writing are a lot better than a picture produced by any sort of camera. Very good articles may assist readers to make use of their imagination to make the world they’re reading or even one of their own. This is exactly what can make reading a profoundly individual experience because the readers involved through their imagination filling out the blanks.

Of all the things that we’ve to depend on, gadget might be becoming so prevalent that none of us could live without it in these times and age. Couple of years back, we had the smartphone revolution spearheaded by the Universe’s greatest innovator, Steve Jobs. Yet again, we are currently on the verge of new-wave of revolution — the wearable computing. From Apple’s much rumorted iWatch to Google glass. We are able to only behold but not predict what the next major wave of innovation is likely to be. I really like gadget. I can speak about it non-stop and it’s always exciting to see the continuous stream of innovation happening in the technlogy world.

As you’ll be able to see, as soon as you’re in a position to truly unlock your biggest passion and start off to understand yourself within ways that you by no means have before, your life starts to end up being painted by a palette that’s brighter, more vibrant, and more full of life and personality. You’ll be able to simply live life uniquely when you get to understand the real passion that lie deep in you.

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