MY STORY OF GRIEF (In memory of E.D. Acton)


Imagine yourself sat having a wonderful picnic in the middle of a lawn. You are sat comfortably on a picnic blanket that is just perfect for you and your family; it’s wonderfully traditional, yet full of colour and it sets the boundaries of your ‘picnic space’. You have glasses of sparkling wine and juice and fresh sandwiches with a buffet of everything that makes this picnic personal to you.

The memories shared on this picnic blanket are totally priceless; if you were on a beach and you felt cold, you would wrap yourself up in it; your children would all have fun playing games on it. It was a familiar thing to spot after venturing away from it for a while.

So what do you do when the unimaginable happens? When all of your fun, familiarity and tradition is swiped from under you? When somebody/something turns your whole picnic upside down and takes your truly wonderful picnic blanket away?

The wine glasses have fallen, the sandwiches are now scattered all over the exposed grass and leaves and the buffet tubs are all over the place; the fruit juice has saturated the fresh sponge cake that you were all looking forward to diving into.

Initially, you are consumed by the fact that somebody/something has stolen your incredible blanket. Why on earth would this happen? Who/what would do such a thing? This was your INVALUABLE comforting blanket; traditional, colourful and full of wonderful memories. You’ll search high and low looking for these answers. Meanwhile, your picnic has now festered; the sandwiches have become mouldy; the drinks are sour and everything is totally exposed to the elements.

When you finally turn to look at the mess that you have to clean up you feel overwhelmed! You want your picnic blanket back. It takes a long time but eventually you will clean up the remaining parts of your old picnic.

Now you are exposed, you have to learn how to enjoy a picnic without that blanket. Is this even possible? You have decided, as a family, to start creating your own blanket; it’s going to take time. For now, you have to learn how to embrace the grass under your feet; the leaves that sometimes blow into your glass and the lack of boundaries that help you understand where your ‘picnic area’ begins and ends. Is this even possible?

Take a look around, has anybody else lost their blanket? Try and merge your picnic spaces together and help each other enjoy a new way to picnic. Please understand that you are not alone in this.

You will always miss your beloved picnic blanket, it’s totally irreplaceable but remember the lessons learned from it, how to enjoy precious time with the people that you love.

Rachel x