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Well, I am going to be telling you about My Bpo Business Wordpress in this post after which I am going to write on the benefits of a My Bpo Business and MyBpoBusiness Quora account.

I know you have a good understanding of what Business process outsourcing means (Bpo) and you have probably work with a BPO firm before. So, I am not going to be talking about what you already knew. I am not going to have a my BPO Business or my BPO Job talk in this post, rather I will be taken BPO to the next level by talking about BPO prospect on social media. How you can grow a My Bpo Business Quora account, a MyBpoBusiness Facebook page or even a MyBpoBusiness Linkedin account. You are wondering how right?

As I said, this post will be talking about My Bpo Business Twitter; how we can use Twitter to build our Bpo firm or use it to get job, but before you think this is an effort leading to no good, I will inform you of big businesses like DELL, Starbucks, and Jet Blue who have taken a good advantage of Twitter to improve the reach of their products. The truth is, most of the twitter benefits have not been tapped in to, we have rather focused on the social part of it (i.e sharing post and images), maybe because it is referred to as a social medium; yes it is, but that’s not all of it.

The following are reasons why you should open a My Bpo Business Twitter account.

To update users of new openings

Have you ever gave a thought to how bpo firms make money? Or wait, you can’t be thinking the firms are owned by thousands of Father Christmas around the world who have sworn to make sure every human are gainfully employed. Good, you are not; so how do they make money?

Bpo firms are the greatest benefits of Bpo services because for everyone who gets a job through them, they are paid by the recruiting company and they gladly pay because the charge is meager and here they just got an employee who will be paid much lesser than their company having to employ a full staff. So, the point of opening a twitter handle in all this is that you are opened to more subscribers. More people know about Bpo; companies and individuals alike which eventually leads to more customer and then more money for you. It makes sense right?

To offer a better customer support service

People generally look out for how they are treated and held. Being on social media to offer an immediate response to questions from your subscribers makes people more at ease with your firm. They are simply going to trust you more.

To react to customers feedback

I have noticed if you are unable to attend to customers queries on time, wrong information tends to spread needlessly. People don’t often wait for long to make up their mind about you. Remember all issues make it to social media now, and it is also a good avenue for you to give a quick response to any query raised. I have seen it a couple of occasions in the past when people make an untrue assertion about a company but were quickly dispelled by the company social media account. That is the sort of leverage My Bpo Business Twitter will offer you.

To promote your blog

Gone are the days when a company relies on only o website. Every serious corporation now has a blog where they post important information and promote their service. Your being on Twitter gives an advantage to your blog because you are able to reach more people through your twitter account much easier. You can always add a link to your blog on your twitter post.

To post company news

It is not every time you post about job opportunities to subscribers. Sometimes you want to post about your company welfare and social package or a new review on the rates charged by your firm. There is no better medium to share this than twitter as it is a message amplifier medium.

Not everybody will open a My Bpo business Linkedin account, that’s obviously not possible and needless. So let us see how this post benefits those with no interest in a My Bpo Business account. Before you say no benefit for you in it; would you not like to get more opportunities to improve on your earnings. Majority of job advertised via either a Bpo service firm or a freelancer platform are usually taken within the first few minutes. So, you also need to follow a MyBpoBusiness account to avail yourself this benefit.

The following are few of the advantages

More job opportunities

I mentioned earlier, that you stand a very good chance of securing an advertised service if you see it in the first few minutes and apply right away. So your present on twitter should be followed by following beneficial social media accounts.

Better experience

Once a company knows you can get them called out on social media, they tend to respond faster to queries and give a proper feedback to complaints.

I am sure you will agree with me about the points mentioned above. So what is stopping you from opening a My Bpo Business Twitter account today? Open your business to the world!