The Succession

This article was originally published on Irreni World Scale.

I labeled the California Succession Amendment using the word “Succession” as a kinda joke. This is not about secession. This is about the continuation, the next in a sequence, of what country carries forth American ideals. We are asking red state America to remove California from the Union so we can continue our cherished American ideals.

2 c : the continuance of country personality

Climate change is a very real threat and our American heritage is to lead on liberty and justice. We here in California will lead on climate change as a continuance of the American way. In addition California will lead on the great global refugee crisis due to climate change that is about to beset liberty and justice throughout the entire world.

Give me your tired, your poor, 
 Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, 
 The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. 
 Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: 
 I lift my lamp beside the golden door.
 — Emma Lazarus

The golden state wishes to still be the golden door. California is requesting that the United States remove California from the Union precisely because California wishes to take up the torch of liberty; take up that burdensome, awesome yoke of leadership by example assumed that day in 1776 when we the people became the first world Democracy. California is requesting to be the next in succession of liberty and justice for all. 
 Our current President elect has said climate change is not real. Our current President elect has said he will kill not just the terrorists, but their families. Our current President elect is a wanna be terrorist: he has repeatedly said he will kill civilians as a military strategy of non-surprise. Killing civilians is a strategy of terrorists. We are not terrorists. Our current President elect denies climate change and would deny Muslims entry into this country. Our current President elect has stated that the use of nuclear weapons is on the table. And they voted for him. And they voted for him…with eyes wide open…knowing full-well these things. 
 We here in California aim to continue the sequence of American ideals we still demand from ourselves today: liberty and justice for all. Denying climate change, killing civilians, killing families of terrorists, denying refugees and threatening nuclear arms is not liberty and justice for all. It is not the American way. The denial of liberty and justice for all cannot be tolerated, especially with the compassionate world need of climate change response. 
 Over the last two decades the Trump voters have made it clear how much they support the policies that have culminated with the President elect, crowned if you will with a crown of fear and withdrawal and not liberty and justice. Make America Great Again is a cowardly, inward looking philosophy at a time the world needs us to have courage and make sacrifices for the greater good. Consider that three-fourths of the states have Republican governors and legislatures; that Republicans control the Congress, the Senate and the Presidency; and it becomes clear what we Californian’s must do: Act. 
 Act and act now. Climate change is upon us, we do not have time to wait even four more years. Liberty and justice cannot be put on hold while the rest of America comes to its senses, or not.
 We must act now. We must act today. We must Calexit. #Calexit