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I was reading an article about what bad reviews can teach you about your writing. In it, Catherine Leavitt writes about her experiences as a writer, from publishing her first books and how her agent was ‘ready to make her a star.’ It’s quite a fascinating read which may sound all too familiar as a writer. There’s so many times we hear people say no to our work. Sometimes people give critique which may actually not be constructive to begin with.

Either way, that is par of the course for writers and I think that’s what makes us tell and better judge our work. …

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Juniper imagined his life totally different from the time he left school. He was going to find a nice, white-collar job in the city. Maybe drive some three miles to his home in the suburbs, dandle his wife or maybe play with the kids. He thought his life was going to be simple because to him the life in movies and sitcoms was all he could ever hope for.

He never imagined he would move to California. He never planned to have a kid before he was financially stable. Heck, if you told him the moment he left college he would be freelancing for hours on end he would have laughed in your face. It turned out that having a degree in forensics psychology was great, but in terms of being marketable, there were better degrees. …

We sit in the bed of tulips. It’s peaceful, almost heavenly. Lining the edges of the garden is a row of trees swaying back and forth. I take a moment to look at her face and the beauty of her curls run down the side of her cheeks. She is wearing her hair behind her ears again. She’s done this once before, but it was when she was with her friend.

I raise my hand to point at the tulip swaying on its own. It’s lonely among thousands of tulips in the entire field. She casually looks at the tulip before looking back at me. …


Zack Chapepa

Life and Pie

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