I have yet to discover many places to share fiction on Medium.
Ronald C. Flores-Gunkle

Hi, Ronald Flores-Gunkle.! It can be hard to find fiction here right at the beginning. To help you out I’m going to recommend a few publications you can check out!

Also, I think The Weekly Knob is really engaging and houses some great fiction. Wish there could be more access to fiction promoted by Medium. That aside, feel free to find your way around these sanctuaries and engage with some of the writers on there.

Made Up Words — features many works from really good writers. They have a publication window, and I think they’ll veer of Medium soon on to help creators have their good end of the deal!

Great Jones Street — though I discovered this place recently, I think it houses some good fiction. But I think they publish internally at the moment, with a chance to open up to in-house writers if I’m not mistaken. I’m not really sure on the engagement part as well, but I think it might be better than I measure it up to be.

Electric Literature — this pub however works as a traditional writing magazine. They sometimes feature authors and guest interviews but the most I love about it is that there are the works that sometimes appear there. Which is to say this one is asynchronous and opens to only one end of the interaction.

The Grimm Reaper — some publications follow a theme, just like the prompts in TWK, and this one caters to classic tales written with a spin. Whether its the princess and the frog, or something close to that, you can throw in your take (which is to say they are open to entries!)

While these are solely dedicated to fiction, you can publish to other pubs which have a broad audience not only limited to the practice. Crossing Genres is a good place to start, and if you wish to reach out to an even bigger audience you can try Coffeelicious, albeit this also means a relatively longer waiting period.

I have just started my own place as well, and we’re open for business!

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