Picking apart a racist comment by a South African Estate Agent

Note: Jawitz Properties notes that Mrs Sparrow left the company late last year but she didn’t disassociate her online presence with them. They are reportedly suing for this.

Right about 1.30PM on a Saturday, only a day after New Year’s day, Penny Sparrow pushed send on a comment that’d give any reasonable person doubt over what they’re posting on the internet. She was replying to a Facebook post complaining on how littered a South African beach was, a complaint pointing blame to “too many black people” on a beach on New Year’s Day.

I’m not going to question any morals or ethics related to this. I’m going to point out the disturbing part of this whole comment.

“These monkeys are allowed to be released”

This suggests and acknowledges a systemic bias that is present and upheld in South Africa. I’m willing to believe this is present most societies not limited to South Africa as well (note: South Africa had a system in place called the apartheid meant to condition and oppress minorities. To learn more on this here’s a Wikipedia link). Mrs Sparrow doesn’t keep it to herself, instead she voices that the problem is someone “let these animals run loose.”

“…so to let them loose is to invite huge dirt and troubles and discomfort to others”

So in reference to these “animals,” letting them out is littering the beautiful beaches of South Africa with misery, and dirt and troubles unseen. This is clearly a major concern for Mrs Sparrow that needs to be addressed. I have no idea what she means by this but she could have cleared this up a little. She goes on to mention noticing “black on black skins” which is a shame? And apparently she does know some wonderful and thoughtful black people and this somehow doesn’t alleviate any of her concerns.

The last part is Mrs Sparrow concluding that she’ll begin to see all black South Africans as monkeys which is evident in how she addressed her post right from the beginning.

The internet (at least on Twitter) blew up and she posted an “apology”

The apology goes on a few rounds to point that its only a comment. And somehow its OK because it was replying to how beaches were littered on New Year’s day, that she helps underprivileged people of all races, the same animals released from cages on New Year’s.

I’ll reserve my own judgment for anyone who needs to see this and place their own judgment over Mrs Sparrow’s concerns.

I should note that another person responded to Mrs Sparrow on Twitter with these images