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This happens to me countless times, but I’ve grown to know it’s an important time to reflect. Like a checkpoint. The good and the bad. I got some advice the other day from a friend, and he said the other way to go about it is to create. Anything. The thing that you think is crap. After some time you can come back to it and see what it meant creating it.

It also works to take some time going through other things, something you won’t typically do. Freeing up some space to accumulate the thoughts that would relate to the thing you’re doing. Not much, but at least something.

It took a fair bit of time for me to be familiar with these cycles, too. But I now know they occur from time to time, and sometimes all you need to do is push through.

Edit: It might not seem like it, but you’re way better than you think (some might go to school for it, some might already have it in them.)